Steel castings

Cast steel is a reliable and solid material. Thanks to its outstanding properties, it is one of the most popular types of products used for castings. It provides durability and increased resistance to mechanical damage, which also translates into the safety of using the elements created with it.

When it comes to cast steel, castings are used in many different industries, but not only there.
Our company offers a steel casting taking into account all standards generally accepted by European countries. We guarantee a product that meets the highest standards.

Types of cast steel:

  • Carbon Gs38 ÷ 60; 200-400W ÷ 340 – 550W
  • Alloy GS20Mn5; L35GSM; Gs42CrMo4; L25HM; L120G13; and many others
  • High-alloy, e.g. LH 26; Gx40CrNiSi27-4; Gx6CrNiMo 18-10; LH 18N9; LH25N19S2; LH18N10M; LH17 N8

Weight range from 10 kg to 5000 kg

Castings are made according to PN, EN, DIN, ASTM standards.